With Apologies to Megan Barron….

November 25, 2006

I procrastinated so shamefully long on this that I am quite embarrassed to admit it…

but I finally returned the Message in a Bottle back to the water today.  I found it on July 8, blogged about it, and even heard from Megan, the young lady who started it.

I didn’t return it that same day because I didn’t have a pen on me.  I brought it home and, for a time, it got lost in a pile of papers on my desk.  When I re-discovered it, I had to come up with a plan for the best way to get the bottle to actually travel somewhere of significance.

First I thought I would throw it into the bay as I traveled across the bridge, and planned to do so on my next trip that way.  I figured I would just toss it from the window as I sped across the bridge, since there is no place to pull over.  Then it occurred to me that I could get fined for littering or, worse yet, hit something or someone below and cause damage or injury.

The river here in my town is as placid as can be and seldom has any current to speak of.  Most of the time when I ride past it, it looks like a sheet of glass.  So that was not an option.  If I returned it to the ocean where Megan tossed it, the chances were good that it wouldn’t go very far, since I would have to throw it from the beach.

So I decided to throw it in the river at my home town.  There is an old bridge over the river there that was converted to a fishing pier when a new bridge was built.  The river is a big one, with a pretty good current most of the time.  It seemed like a good location to try sending the message on to the next recipient.

I added a note under Megan’s with an apology for taking so long to send it back, rolled it up in a ziploc bag with rubber bands at each end, and sealed it in a Frappacino bottle.  I took the kids and walked to the middle of the fishing pier and Sophia tossed it in the water (which of course was surprisingly calm today).

Now all we have to do is wait and see if someone else finds it!


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