It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

November 25, 2006



Today we put up our Christmas tree, wreaths, nativity scene and some of our outside lights.   It was an all day venture and we still aren’t exactly done.  (Thankfully my work is done for the most part — Dan has to deal with the outside lights tomorrow.)

I love this day.  Opening up the boxes and seeing all of the beloved family treasures that have been stored away for the last 11 months… it’s a wonderful family time, talking about why we have certain ornaments, where we got them, why they are special to us.

Sophia was thrilled to be reunited with her singing Christmas animals — the reindeer with the jingle bells on his antlers who sings “Jingle Bell Rock” that she fell in love with 2 years ago, and the teddy bear who recites every line of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  She and the reindeer sat down and listened to the bear do the whole thing.  (Several times.  I am seriously considering feigning a battery shortage here.)


Trevor was equally excited to have his rather unusual Santa hat:


As for me, I was happy to see all of my special ornaments — some from my own childhood, some that were the first ones I bought as an adult living on my own, some bought on our vacations.  It was a happy time.

I haven’t started the official chalkboard countdown to Christmas yet (mainly because that would involve too much math — I’ll just start it December 1 to keep it simple), but now I’m starting to get the Christmas mindset.    Here’s hoping I can keep it through the eBay crunch time over the next 3 weeks!  🙂


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