November 22, 2006

Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be blogging lite. But I’ve just about had it and I am publicly declaring war. Moreover, I’m urging you to do the same.

I am sick and tired of getting hoax emails from individuals who presume to have my best interests at heart. This morning I was warned that Target is a French owned business who does not support veterans or any other charitable organization — unless, of course, it pertains to homosexuals. (False on all counts.)


I have decided that from now on, when such garbage lands in my inbox, I am hitting REPLY ALL and changing the subject header from “Fwd FWD Fwd Fwd [Outrageous Claim]!!!!!!” to “The TRUTH About [Outrageous Claim].” Then I am inserting references (with links) to the truth. I use Snopes to look these up and find it very thorough in examining and explaining the claims.

It takes slightly longer than just hitting delete and moving on to the next alarming falsehood, but it feels so much better. 🙂

Now, if you agree, send a link to this post to 27 of your closest friends and when you do, a special picture will appear on your screen. Then you will receive God’s blessing and no harm will come to you for the next month. If you don’t send it to 27 of your closest friends, you will find misfortune around every corner. (just kidding!)


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