Funny Names

November 22, 2006

I’ll be blogging lite for the remainder of the week… I’m hosting (cooking) Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so I will be busy, busy, busy!

Saw this meme on Joy Madison’s blog and had to do it — too funny not to!

1. Rock star name (your first pet’s name + current street name)

Spooky Bluff

2. Gangsta name (fav. ice cream + fav. cookie)

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Chip (doesn’t sound very “gangsta” to me!  But even so, I suppose it’s better than Vanilla Snickerdoodle)

3. “Fly guy/girl” name (first initial of first name + first 3 letters of last name)


4. Detective name (favorite color + favorite animal)

Purple Tiger (??)

5. Soap Opera name (middle name + city where you were born)

Ann Easton (hardly memorable)

6. Star Wars Name (First 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of first name)


7. superhero name (the + second favorite color + favorite drink)

The Green Margarita (LOL)

8. Nascar Name (first names of your grandfathers)

Charles Edwin

9. Stripper name (favorite perfume + favorite candy)

Bijan Hershey

10. Witness Protection name (parents middle names)

Jean Edgar



  1. Too funny. Here are mine and Tom’s (depending on whose turned out better):

    Duffy Manchester
    Lemon Gingersnap
    S-Wul or T-Wul
    Blue Panther
    Mackey Washington or Adrienne “Ft” Belvoir
    Wulto or Wulsu
    The Orange H2O
    Alfred Roger or Fred Mackey
    No stripper names thank you
    Francis May or August White

    That was fun. 🙂

  2. too funny!

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