Thursday 13: What Lurks Beneath the Back Seat

November 16, 2006


13 of the Many Things Found Under the Back Seat of My Car When I Cleaned It Out Today…

  1. change totalling 61 cents
  2. a pair of Sophia’s sunglasses
  3. four stickers from various doctors’ offices
  4. a keychain magnifying glass
  5. one of Sophia’s forks with food encrusted on its tines (yuck!)
  6. a blue stegosaurus
  7. a small notebook
  8. three pencils, a highlighter, a pen, and a permanent marker
  9. three Yu-Gi-Oh cards in protective sleeves
  10. play jewelry — two rings, two bracelets
  11. roughly two dozen foam beads for making more play jewelry
  12. a marble from Dan’s childhood collection
  13. four Swedish Fish, eight Skittles, and two M&Ms



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