Merry Mumble Mumble

November 13, 2006

Oh boy, my hackles have been raised.


First of all, Nickelodeon is showing — at this very minute — a Holly Hobbie Christmas special. The last time I checked, we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. You remember Thanksgiving? It used to be a day of spending time with your family, reflecting upon the blessings in your life. Now it’s been reduced to a day of gluttony (often referred to as “turkey day” because it’s all about the big meal). It is a day spent eating (if you’re lucky), cooking & cleaning up (if you’re not), and scouring Black Friday ads so you can go out at some ungodly hour and buy more stuff that you don’t need and won’t appreciate because you’re buying on credit and not with your hard-earned cash.

<deep breath> No more on that subject. If you’d like to read an excellent post, head on over to Petroville and check out Momma K’s thoughts on this very subject.
Second — and the most minor complaint of all — is that they have changed Holly Hobbie. They might as well call her Polly Pindowski, because she is nothing like the bonnetted prairie girl I grew up with. The only resemblance is a few freckles across the nose. Yes, I feel old now, and that’s just adding to my frustration.

But the worst part of all was that when Holly & her friends went Christmas caroling, they sang “O Come All Ye Faithful,” and they changed the words! The chorus of this beautiful song is “Come let us adore him” three times in a row, followed by “Christ the Lord.” When the carolers got to “Christ the Lord,” they did a combination of humming and mumbling instead of singing the words! ACK!

Now, I am not a Christian who believes that retailers should wish customers “Merry Christmas” (unless they are buying something indicating that they do indeed celebrate the holiday). I am perfectly fine with saying “Happy Holidays” when greeting someone of a different faith. After all, I’m a reformed liberal atheist. I know that not everyone believes in God or celebrates the birth of my Savior. However, I believe it is completely and undeniably wrong to sing a Christian song that was written about a Christian holiday and omit all references to Christ! For goodness’ sake, why not just sing “Jingle Bells?!”

Okay, rant over. At least until the next heinous thing pops up on my television.



  1. Really, I thought it was all about being able to live a year without getting scalped, and thus it is an archaic holiday for pilgrims and cowboys.

    Kind of like Columbus Day, St Patricks Day, and Easter (is that a type of rabbit)?

    As far as who Holly adores…. Who are they trying not to offend? Jingle Bells would have offended fewer Christians.

  2. There’s always the age old remedy…unplug the tv until, um, well, I don’t know. After the joyous holidays and new year there’s the superbowl frenzy (like that really matters in the overall scheme of the world). Ha!

    Ho ho humbug.

  3. You Said:
    “First of all, Nickelodeon is showing — at this very minute — a Holly Hobbie Christmas special. The last time I checked, we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. You remember Thanksgiving? It used to be a day of spending time with your family, reflecting upon the blessings in your life.”

    No offense to you but, do you actually wait for Thanksgiving to spend time with your family, reflect upon your blessings, etc..?

    What’s wrong with Nickelodeon? Aren’t they supposed to sell their advertising spots in order to keep the network running? If you don’t like it, instead of complaining and going the extra mile to actually post it, why don’t you turn off your television? If you don’t approve of your kids watching those commercials…then do productive activities with them. Do you?

  4. Diana —

    First, I reflect upon my blessings several times a day, every day, in prayer. With my family.

    And by spending time with family, I was referring to extended family who do not live in my home (grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc.). As a stay-at-home mom and homemaker, I spend quite a bit of time with my family.

    Second, I wasn’t complaining about Nickelodeon; I think they have some wonderful programs that my daughter and I enjoy quite a bit.

    Third, I didn’t say anything about advertising or commercials, so I don’t know why you brought it up.

    Fourth, I did turn the program off when it became offensive to me. I am a stay-at-home mom and except for the three hours a day that my daughter is in school, I spend quite a bit of time doing “productive activities” with her. But more important, I spend time BEING with her. Talking, teaching, listening, and loving.


  5. Good!

  6. See, this is exactly one of the reasons I don’t **get** blogging.
    Ms. Chance, someone that I assume does not know you, prefaces her comment with “No offense to you” before she asks her snide question. Then she continues in a separate paragraph talking about commercials, which you never mentioned. I would find it extremely irritating to have someone offer their two cents when they had apparently not read and comprehended what I had written on my blog. And her comments beg the question…Ms. Chance, if you didn’t like what you had read on Multitasking Mama, instead of offering your “words of wisdom,” and going the extra mile to string a couple of sentences together, why didn’t you just move on to the next blog? Why take the time to actually post a comment? Did you think you had something special to offer?

  7. I was bored! Why can’t you people understand why advertising plays a role here and why it was relevant? bah!

  8. Lisa, I was a bit surprised myself. I don’t know her, and I can only assume that she found my blog accidentally since I don’t really write for the general public.
    My experience with the SAHM group taught me that there are people out there who simply thrive on chaos and conflict. Maybe it’s a way of drawing attention to themselves. I’ve noticed that they usually don’t contribute unless they want to criticize or condemn someone else.
    If such a person lands here at my blog, I am fairly confident that I could take the heat… but on the off chance that I couldn’t (or didn’t want to), I could always hit “delete comment.” 🙂

  9. This is chaotic?
    You gotta be psychotic!
    But you’re right
    Need to see the light
    I need attention
    I need salvation
    My contribution
    It’s a revolution
    Why can’t I be bored
    And still feel love at my core
    And yes it’s true
    I found you by mistake
    I love you too
    This is more than I can take!

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