Yeah, Um, About that Movie….

October 26, 2006

hopesprings.jpgI finished my last post by saying that I was going to watch the movie Hope Springs starring Colin Firth, and I just knew I would like it because I think Colin Firth is adorable.

Based on past experience, I know better than to have any preconceived notions about how much I will like a movie before I actually watch it. I’ve ended up terribly disappointed as a result, and this movie was no exception.

I won’t go into any details — the movie wasn’t dreadful, it just wasn’t good.

Next up in my Netflix queue is Something the Lord Made, which stars Alan Rickman. It’s not light-hearted, but it sounds good. Synopsis, if you’re interested: This HBO film follows two men who go against all odds to save babies suffering from a heart defect that causes them to suffocate. Alfred Blalock, a white surgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Vivien Thomas, a black carpenter with big dreams, are a great team, but their dissimilar societal statuses cause problems. As they save lives using innovative methods, the reality of their social differences looms overhead.

And I suspect that some time this weekend I will finish viewing season 1 of Dead Like Me, which I am still thoroughly enjoying!


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