Thursday Thirteen: All Errand Edition

October 26, 2006


Thirteen trips I made today:

  1. At 9:00 AM, with Sophia in school and a few minor chores complete, I went to Kohl’s to check out their clearance items. I got two big bags full of good stuff for $65. Most of it is for eBay, so I think I will probably recoup what I spent plus about $150 extra. Yay!
  2. At 10:30 I left Kohl’s and came home to sort, catalog, and contemplate listing the new inventory. Most of it is summery, so I decided to postpone listing for a while. Packed a lunch for Sophia & me to take on our noon-time outing.
  3. At noon, once Sophia got home, she and I headed off to a local church‘s lunch time music program. A friend of ours was the featured performer, so we got to show our support and enjoy some lovely piano playing.
  4. At 1:00 after the concert ended, we left to go to grocery store #1 to buy some of the sale items. Got $57 worth of groceries for $26. Not bad, eh?
  5. At 1:45, came home to put perishable items in fridge. Left the other groceries in the car.
  6. At 1:50, headed to grocery store #2 for more of the same. Got $13 worth of groceries for $7 and spent a long time waiting for Sophia to use the restroom. (Why do children have this insane desire to “christen” every public bathroom in America?)
  7. At 2:30, came home and brought groceries inside, checked email, handed eBay packages to mail man.
  8. At 2:45, left for school to pick up Trevor.
  9. At 3:10 left school and went to my allergist’s office for my weekly shots — three of them. Lucky me.
  10. At 3:40, left allergist’s office to take Trevor to his 4 PM appointment
  11. At 5:00, left Trevor’s appointment to come home, put away groceries, feed cats, check email, etc. Gave Sophia a bath because I knew we would be late getting home from dinner this evening. Had Trevor start his homework.
  12. At 6:15, left with family to meet my mom for yummy pizza dinner at a favorite old restaurant. Food and company were great but the restaurant was packed and service was slow, so it was…
  13. 9:00 when I finally returned home for the evening.

And to think that I was actually wondering why I’m so tired!


One comment

  1. Whew! Busy day! We stayed home all day today. It was rainy and yucky, so I stayed in the kitchen cooking, of course! :o)

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