Thursday 13: Things I’ve Noticed About Middle Age

October 19, 2006


1. You spend more time thinking about “the good ole days.”

2. You experience grief more as relatives, pets, and acquaintances pass away. But it never gets easier.

3. You find yourself comparing your kids’ life to your own childhood, and occasionally say things like, “When I was a kid, we only had three channels to watch on television!”

4. You develop aches and pains in places where you didn’t think it was possible to get aches and pains (my big toe, for instance).

5. You scrunch up your face in the mirror to see if any new wrinkles have appeared. When you discover that they have, you frown, thereby causing more wrinkles. Vicious cycle.

6. You become more concerned about your health. Things you never gave a second thought about before (such as how much fiber you’re ingesting and how high your cholesterol is) are suddenly important.

7. You start to think that the Mexican siesta is a fine idea, as you would love to have a mid-day nap every day.

8. You become less concerned with the troubles of the world (politics) and more concerned with the troubles of your world (how can I pay for my kids’ college education?).

9. You suddenly crave “the finer things” in life, like high thread count sheets and cars with leather upholstery.

10. You want to travel more and see new things.

11. You gain perspective and find it easier to not be bothered by life’s little annoyances and petty people because you realize that in the long run, they are really insignificant.

12. You finally start to feel comfortable in your own skin. You may not be as tall or as thin or as outgoing as you would like, but you realize that it’s easier to accept it than it is to be depressed about it.

13. You become sensitive to the fact that not only are people changing as time passes, your surroundings are changing too. You start to dislike progress, wonder whether you really need another drug store in town, and complain about heavy traffic more often. But when you get home, it’s safe and familiar and virtually unchanged, which makes it all the more comforting.

** Note to Dan: Number 13 does not mean that I don’t want to re-do the kitchen! 😉


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