October 12, 2006

One of the sucky great weird things about middle age is the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia that you experience more and more. With it comes a curmudgeonly desire for people to just leave well enough alone and stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

There was a great diner style restaurant here that served the best fried chicken in the world. I don’t know what they did to their chicken, but the batter/skin always looked reddish orange rather than the usual brown. It was a secret recipe that I haven’t seen anywhere else and it was dee-lish! The carry out section of the restaurant had a “bake shop” where you could buy wonderful sweet potato biscuits and fancy cookies.

When I bought my first home, I lived about 3 blocks from there. Dan, Trevor and I would often walk over there for dinner. The food was great, the prices were reasonable, and we spent some quality time together by walking instead of getting in the car. After dinner we would always go to the bake shop and let Trevor pick out a few cookies for dessert.

Earlier this year, the owners sold the property and the restaurant closed. Today they started tearing it down.





And what did they destroy this local landmark for?



One comment

  1. Ain’t “progress” nifty. Not!

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