Customer Dis-Service

October 3, 2006

I’ve previously put fast food employees “on notice” a la Stephen Colbert, and I’m writing tonight to say that they are officially “dead to me.”

We had a very hectic evening. I picked Trevor up at 4:30 from his after school band rehearsal, drove to Dan’s office and dropped Sophia off, took Trevor to his 5 pm appointment. When we left the appontment at 6 pm, I went back to Dan’s office to pick up him and Sophia, then back to Trevor’s school for parent-teacher conferences. (That’s a big tip off as to how my day in general was. We never get good news on parent-teacher conference night.)

mcd.gifAfter we left the school just after 7 pm, we went to McDonald’s for a quick dinner. According to my receipt, it was 7:17 when the cashier totalled up my bill and took my money. Would you believe it was 7:50 when I finally got our food?!?! In the time it took to get our dinner, I read the local newspaper, went to the rest room, told Sophia to go ahead and visit the play area before eating because there wouldn’t be time to do it afterward, refilled my soda and made several visits to our table, where Dan and Trevor were patiently waiting.

When they called out that my order was ready, I mentioned to the manager that I had been waiting for over a half an hour. She said, “Well, we’re short-handed tonight,” then turned and walked away.

Excuse me?!?!?!?! I have waited over 30 minutes and I don’t even get so much as a mumbled, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” What the heck? As she walked away I leaned across the counter and called after her, “Why, yes, I would be happy to accept your apology for the inconvenience of having to wait a half hour for ‘fast’ food, and I am so glad to hear that you appreciate my patronage!” It was melodramatic, but I had to do something to recover from having my jaw hit the floor. 🙂

Just further proof that customer service is a dying art in this country, and that rudeness and a general lack of consideration for others is becoming the norm. *sigh* What would Lynne Truss say?


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