Self Portrait Challenge: Imperfections #1

October 2, 2006

The Self Portrait Challenge is really taking me out of my comfort zone this month — we have to creatively photograph “the down and dirty you, the messy, gross and ugly you, the side of yourself that you always try to hide, give us some insight into your dreadful secrets.” I have a certain amount of vanity (I cannot leave home without applying lipstick, for instance), so it is not going to be easy for me to showcase my less than flattering self.

However, there is no shortage of material from which to choose! The Photo Friday theme for this week happens to be anger, so my imperfection this week is the bothersome frown line (aka wrinkle) that used to form between my brows when I scowled but now, alas, seems to be there all the time. Just another thing that sucks about middle age, but it’s a good reminder that if I spend more time smiling than frowning, I will have more flattering wrinkles when I am older.

We call these “angry eyebrows” after a Veggie Tales Larry Boy program. Often after I’ve gotten angry about something I reach up and rub that area, almost as if I can smooth away the wrinkle. It hasn’t worked yet….




  1. Hooray for Veggie tales!!! We watch them alot over here.

    Your “angry eyebrows” have a very nice shape:)

  2. I love this photo. But you know what? That frown line also comes into play when one expresses a look of concern. Why not view it as a line of compassion? ::smile::

  3. I love this picture!

  4. Great picture. I got the impression that you were able to use it for both SPC and PhotoFriday. That’s cool and such a convenient time-saver. Did that lady at McDonalds get to see your ‘angry eyes?’ I bet she did!! 🙂

  5. I’m too busy looking at your great eyes and brows to notice 🙂

  6. I love this photo. You look so intense. I think you look beautiful.

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