Dead Like This Blog Post

September 30, 2006


I have attempted four times to write a post about the Showtime series, Dead Like Me. Twice last night, once this morning, and once again just a few minutes ago. Each time (and in two different browsers!) when I hit either “publish” or “save,” the post disappears and no matter how many times I click “back,” it cannot be retrieved. The fact that I am attempting to do this for a fifth time is a testament to (a) how much I like the show and (b) how absolutely stubborn I can be.

(For the record, I am typing this in another program so that I can save it and then copy & paste as many times as necessary until the stupid thing sticks. It’s personal now, and I will be victorious, even if it takes the rest of the night!)

So, anyhow… Dead Like Me. It originally aired a few years ago (at which time I’d never even heard of it) but I’ve been enjoying it via Netflix.

The basic premise is a difficult one to sum up in just a few sentences — the show’s official web site doesn’t even do that — but I will try:  Sometimes when people die they are left behind on earth to work as grim reapers, who perform a public service of releasing souls from the bodies of the about-to-be-dearly-departed and/or helping them sort out what’s just happened to them. The “Me” in the series title is George, an 18 year old girl who dies in a freak accident and is moody and sullen about the whole having-to-work-as-a-reaper thing.

Mandy Patinkin (whom I just adored as Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride) is absolutely brilliant as George’s boss, Rube. He’s got a very dry sense of humor and an acerbic way of telling it like it is. He is the closest thing we’ve got to Alan Rickman here in the US. Anyway, my favorite line of his so far (when dealing with the uncooperative George) was, “You’re a Constipator, peanut. You’re interfering with my s**t and it bothers me.”

The show is funny and it is labeled a “dark comedy” which I usually don’t like at all, but this one appeals to me somehow. I don’t even remember why I put it in my queue, to be honest, but I’m glad that I did, and I recommend it if you’re into quirky comedies with a touch of philosophy. 🙂


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  1. I’m so glad that you like it! It’s been one of my favorite series! :o)

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