Self Portrait: With Someone #3

September 26, 2006

I tried repeatedly on Saturday to take a picture of Dan and me…. but due to one difficulty or another, I couldn’t seem to get a good shot. This is one of the few that I didn’t delete immediately, only because we look so silly. The sun was shining in our faces, so Dan is squinting, and I’m trying my hardest not to squint. We definitely won’t be putting this one on the Christmas cards!




  1. I think it is a charming photo!

  2. If you had not mentioned the sun I would not have noticed. You guys look adorable and I love the look on your face 🙂

  3. I’m with the others, I like it! If I didn’t know you’d taken it yourself, I’d have thought someone caught you hugging and said “hey you two!” and then snapped the photo just as you turned around.

  4. I just LOVE the scrunchy forehead end eyebrow look myself 🙂

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