Birthday Weekend Recap

September 25, 2006

Whew, what a busy weekend we had!

Saturday was my birthday, and we were supposed to go to the Renaissance Festival because that’s what we do pretty much every year on the weekend closest to my birthday. However, this year I felt like doing something different, and preferably something that I hadn’t done before. (You know, turning 40 will do that to a person. All of a sudden I’m driven to go new places and do new things.)

So instead of heading to the RenFest, we drove up to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry that runs between New Jersey and Delaware.


It was a very windy day, and when I had this flash of inspiration to ride the ferry, I had completely forgotten that I was terribly prone to seasickness. Usually I avoid boat rides like the plague, so I’m not sure why I thought this would be different. Fortunately, though, Dan (aka my knight in shining armor) had gone to Wal Mart that morning and bought some Dramamine for me. Thank goodness for Dramamine! It worked like a charm, and once it kicked in, I was fine; the rocking of the boat didn’t bother me a bit.

While we were in Cape May, we did a little window shopping and then boarded the trolley for a historical tour. We got to see lots of gorgeous homes like this one:


After the tour it was time to grab a bite to eat, then head over to the local winery for a tour and tasting. I’d never done this before, so it was quite educational. We tasted about seven different kinds of wine, only two of which didn’t make me grimace afterwards. Turns out I just don’t have a sophisticated enough palate for red wines. We left with a pair of free goblets, a mild buzz, and a gorgeous photo of some grapes on the vine:


After the winery we consulted our maps and I noticed that they all made reference to a sunken concrete ship just off the coast. We decided to go check it out and arrived at Sunset Beach. There was indeed a sunken concrete ship there — it was one of 12 experimental ships built during World War I which (surprise!) proved to be impractical due to its weight. Apparently it broke loose during a storm in 1926 and ran aground but could not be removed (again, because of the weight).

There were probably a dozen dolphins swimming in the vicinity of the concrete ship, but I didn’t get any photos of them because my battery was close to being dead and it was too difficult to predict where they would surface.

From there, we decided to check out the Cape May Point lighthouse, which we had ridden by earlier. It appeared as though you could go to the top, so we inquired inside and found out that, for a fee of $5 to help with preservation efforts, we could climb the 199 stairs to the (almost) top of the lighthouse. My midlife dementia kicked in and I momentarily forgot that not only am I terribly out of shape, I also have bad knees and mild claustrophobia. So, you guessed it, I forked over $10 and Dan and I started our ascent.

Fortunately, they had little platforms with educational info which I pretended to be deeply interested in so I could recover from the exertion. I tried to recover my breathing without completely gasping for breath — Dan and I have been together nearly 10 years but I still have an image to uphold, darn it! Anyway, by the time we were 2/3 up I was starting to feel claustrophobic and in desperate need of “air flow.”

When we finally emerged on the platform, there was air flow in abundance! It was *really* windy up there, and it felt so good I was reluctant to leave. The view was awesome too:


When we made it back to the ground, we headed over to the ferry again for the ride home. This time I took my Dramamine well in advance of our departure, and nearly fell asleep on the ride. But before that, Dan gave me my birthday card and presents — one of which was this gorgeous tanzanite ring:


So that, in a very large nutshell, was my birthday. Then on Sunday we had church (where I gave my testimony before the congregation), followed by lunch with my mother-in-law, and a birthday party for one of our friends’ children. Busy, busy weekend and I’m still trying to get caught up. If I owe you an email, I’ll write soon, I promise!


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