40 Things About Me for My 40th Birthday!

September 22, 2006

1. I hate fluorescent lights.
2. I wish I could travel back in time.
3. I have no desire to see the Grand Canyon. At all. However, I will probably go there with Dan at some point in our life because it is something that he wants to do.
4. My degree is in International Affairs, and at one point my ultimate career goal was to be Secretary of State.
5. Before that, I wanted to be a reporter.
6. My Myers Briggs Type Indicator is ENTJ. Well, it used to be. It’s been several years since I was tested, and I think I’ve mellowed a bit.
7. My second toe is shorter than my big toe… it’s a family trait and for many years I thought that I was normal and all the people with the extra long second toes were weird. Now I realize I’m the weird one. 🙂
8. I like the smell of gasoline. It reminds me of my grandfather, who was an auto mechanic.
9. I think my eyes are my best feature.
10. I think language is fascinating, and I love to look up word and phrase origins.
11. I never went to a prom.
12. I became a Christian on February 4, 2000.
13. I was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean on September 9, 2001.
14. I like soggy cereal.
15. I can wiggle my ears.
16. I’ve always been a list-maker. My mom jokes that I was born with a clipboard in my hand.
17. The part of “The Wizard of Oz” that I found most disturbing was not the flying monkeys, but the wicked witch’s legs curling up and disappearing after the house landed on her. I don’t know why, but it still gives me the willies.
18. I’m afraid of heights, and can’t stand riding in glass elevators.
19. I believe that I will outlive Dan (and that makes me sad).
20. I got married on January 1, 2000.
21. I have a weakness for caramel.
22. I took beginner’s swimming lessons for five years in a row when I was a kid. I never passed the class. I still don’t swim.
23. I was born on September 23, which is usually the first day of autumn. I’ve often wondered why my parents didn’t name me Autumn.
24. My birthday, being on September 23, is on a “cusp.” Which means that on some astrological charts I am a Virgo, and on others, I am a Libra.
25. I think I am a Libra, not a Virgo..
26. If you’re into Chinese astrology, I was born in the Year of the Horse.
27. I don’t really believe in astrology, but I do think it’s fun.
28. I don’t like to drive in reverse or make left turns.
29. I get cabin fever very easily… I generally have to leave home at least once per day, even if it’s only on a short trip. If I don’t I get stir crazy by 5 PM.
30. I love historical movies, particularly ones set in England.
31. I love candy… Laffy Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Now & Laters, Razzles…
32. My favorite cereal is Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries. I always eat the yellow pieces first and save the “berries” for last.
33. I also love Franken Berry and Boo Berry.
34. When I was in high school, I fainted when I saw a childbirth film. I fell into an open doorway. My glasses broke and I ended up with glass fragments stuck in and around my eye. I had to go to the emergency room and get stitches.
35. The only other time I needed stitches was when I was a year old… I was learning to walk and our dog bit me. (Never trust a terrier with small children!)
36. I cannot make myself use tags in my scrapbook layouts. I just don’t like them.
37. My first date with Dan was the same day I closed on the first house I bought by myself (November 10, 1997).
38. I was named the best 4 year Spanish student in my high school class.
39. I used to have recurring nightmares about elevators.
40. I had my mid-life crisis before my 39th birthday. Turning 40 doesn’t bother me.



  1. Happy Birthday Julie!
    PS The local grocery store that starts with a G has Boo Berry, Frankenberry and Count Chocula for $2 a box!!!!!

  2. This was a great list! I learned tons of stuff that I didn’t know. I hope your birthday was absolutely wonderful!

  3. I think your best fearture is your smile.

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