A Fun Day

September 16, 2006

My day started much earlier than I wanted it to… around 5 AM when some totally annoying and obnoxiously loud cricket parked himself outside my bedroom window and chirped incessantly. Seriously, he was so loud that we thought he was IN the room at first. Dan went outside and sprayed the area with bug spray, and that either killed him or scared him away. I finally got back to sleep and was surprised when I woke up again around 9:45! Whoo hoo! I don’t think I’ve slept that late in years!

Anyway, we all got dressed and headed over to the college, where they were having their annual community outreach known as “Fun Day.” It’s a good bit of PR that was started when the classic “town vs gown” animosity was rearing its ugly head a few years ago. This was our first year going and it was indeed a fun day.

Our first stop was the half hour presentation by the Chemistry department. It was way cool, even for a non-science person like me. They blew bubbles with methane gas and then ignited them:


They made a jack-o-lantern foam at the mouth (and eyes and nose):


And then (my favorite part) they made ice cream in about five minutes by mixing all of the familiar ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, vanilla) with liquid nitrogen:


It was pretty tasty!

After that, we wandered down the hall to various other displays. We learned how to write the kids’ names in Arabic:


Sophia got her face painted (she picked a princess, of course!):


We also went to a presentation about Pluto (used-to-be-a-planet-but-now-it’s-not) and I nearly fell asleep. It was a good reminder of why I took my Astronomy class Pass/Fail in college. When we finally made it outside, both of the kids got to stand inside a giant bubble:


The remainder of our afternoon was spent waiting in line at ALL 4 moon bounce/obstacle course thingies because Sophia wanted to go in. The first one she went in, she slipped and fell, then started crying and saying that she wanted to come out. The second and third (both obstacle courses) she didn’t even go in when we got up there. The fourth one, she did go in, but as you can see by her pitiful expression, she still didn’t like it and came out after only a minute or so.


Then we had a very late lunch with some friends that we ran into there and came home.

It was a fun day!



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