Works for Me: eBay Bidding (and Winning!)

September 6, 2006


I am an eBay Power Seller and Store owner, but I’m also an eBay buyer. And not too long ago, I stumbled upon a great service that helps me win more auctions.

Have you ever been watching an eBay auction, only to get outbid (and lose) in the last few seconds? Have you ever meant to log on to eBay so you could bid at the last minute, but forgotten until it was too late and the auction had already ended? If you’ve ever had those rather irritating experiences, you should check out Auction Sniper.

Auction Sniper will give you three free snipes just for trying their service (a snipe is what they call bidding on an auction in the last few seconds) and then after that it’s just a small fee (25 cents or 1% of the final auction price, whichever is higher). Definitely worth a try. Here are some more helpful tips:

* Set your bid for an odd amount ($25.53 instead of $25.00) to help ensure your odds of being the high bidder if someone else is also sniping

* Set your lead time at 5 seconds (Auction Sniper recommends 5-12 seconds; I’ve always used 5 seconds and never had a problem).

* Check back before the auction ends to make sure the current high bid doesn’t exceed your snipe price.

Have fun with it and win those auctions!



  1. I rarely use Ebay anymore but when I used to this ALWAYS happened to me. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to bookmark it! =)

  2. I use 7 seconds. I’ve had the “didn’t bid in time” message when I’ve used less. I LOVE auctionsniper, and I even told someone about it today too. :o)

  3. Here’s a nice resource that will help you hunt down some last minute bargains on ebay. I’ve got this site bookmarked, and use it frequently when I’m shopping for something, or just browsing. You never know when you’ll come across something really neat that you’ve just got to have! 🙂

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