Self Portrait Challenge #1 : With Someone

September 6, 2006

Being a mom to a preteen boy is not easy. The challenges are much greater than they lead you to believe in the Hallmark commercials. And if you think sleep deprivation during the newborn months is bad, well, wait until they hit adolescence!

It seems like there is a conflict, a power struggle over every little thing. There are days when I want to just give in, just to stop the arguing and buy myself a little bit of peace and quiet. But I know I would pay for it in the long run. So I stick to my guns and the battle begins. Voices are raised, tears are shed — sometimes his, sometimes mine — and the battle lines are drawn.

There are some things I am willing to make concesions on. His hair, for instance, which I think is way too long and covers up his gorgeous blue eyes. Other things, like performing up to his ability in school, I’m not so flexible about. We have some sort of squabble or confrontation almost every day. Thankfully, most days they are pretty minor.

Then there are the times when he really touches my heart. The angry defiant preteen disappears and I can see once more the adorable little boy who used to rush toward me on the playground when I picked him up from school. This past weekend he brought me breakfast in bed, artfully arranged with every detail taken care of. It was incredibly sweet of him to do that, and it reminded me that he is not the angry sulking preteen he presents himself to be sometimes. He really is a good kid, underneath the shaggy hair and the defiant words.

He is my first born and for a long time I thought he would be my only child. I love him with all my heart, although he often doubts it, and I pray that I will make mostly right decisions for him (I know I can’t get all of them right). Hopefully my mistakes will be minor ones.


One comment

  1. Cute photos and important thought. I have a twelve-year old that I have “inherited” through marriage. My previous children were girls, and he is so different. I a having a tough time. Mary 😀

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