Tribute to Steve Irwin

September 4, 2006

steveirwin.jpg I’m not usually one to get worked up about the death of a celebrity. When I hear the news, I may feel a momentary, “Oh how sad,” and say a quick prayer for the family, then go on about my business without really giving it much more thought. After all, I don’t know these people; they didn’t impact my life.

With Steve Irwin, it’s hitting me a little closer to home. I’ve written before about Sophia’s fascination with Animal Planet and how she wants to be a Boo Boo Animal Planet Doctor when she grows up. We’ve watched Animal Planet more than any other network, including Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

Every time I saw Steve Irwin tackle a croc or talk about what a “beauty” some repulsive reptile was, I would laugh and call him crazy, but I’ve always admired his enthusiasm. Enthusiasm like that is contagious, and I am certain that he is partially responsible for my daughter’s enthusiastic interest in animals.

Sophia learned a lot about animals from watching his show, but more important, she also learned to appreciate all of God’s creations (even the ugly ones). Steve Irwin touched my daughter’s life and in so doing, he touched mine as well. He will be missed.

Yeah, I’m a thrill seeker, but crikey, education’s the most important thing. – Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

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  1. […] Friday: Best of 2006 Jump to Comments A photo of a mostly-submerged freshwater crocodile. His eyes and part of his nose were the onlyparts of him I could see above the water. Despite my admiration of Steve Irwin, crocs really creep me out. […]

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