Get a Life Study Week 1 — Joseph

September 2, 2006


Have you ever experienced that special sort of synchronicity where a particular Bible verse or passage crosses your path more than once within a short period of time? That happened to me this week with the story of Joseph, son of Jacob.

On Friday, we settled in for Family Movie Night, which we do every Friday evening. The movie I had picked and received from Netflix was Joseph: King of Dreams. (It was wonderful, by the way!) Then this morning I sat down to start reading the Get a Life Bible study and chapter 1 was devoted solely to the story of Joseph!

(Now, mind you, I have been a fan of Joseph’s ever since I heard the Veggie Tales’ version — The Ballad of Little Joe — when they described Joseph as being good at doing things like organizing his sock drawer. I realized then that Joseph had the gift of administration, which made it easier for me to accept it as my gift.)

Anyhoo, the Bible study focused on the story of Joseph because it was addressing the myth that “If I follow Christ, my life will be trouble free.” Most Christians know that being a Christ follower does not grant them immunity from hard times. However, I think it is very easy for a lot of us to forget that God is with us throughout the entire ordeal. It’s also easy to forget that God is in control and that He has a plan for us.

Joseph was inspiring because throughout his trials (being betrayed by his brothers, being sold into slavery, being falsely accused of raping his owner’s wife, being imprisoned for years) he never lost his faith. He consistently believed that God had a plan for him; that God was with him even during those hard times. Joseph never turned away from God, never doubted that God was watching over him.

The Bible study chapter concludes with the following “Truth to Go:”

“As believers, our lives will not be trouble free, but God promises to be with us. And He desires to work good in all we experience. Will you trust Him with control of your life? Allow Joseph’s story to transform you. The abundant life is only possible when God is in control. When adversity comes your way (and it will come), you will have a choice to make just like Joseph did. Choose better instead of bitter; choose God!”


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  1. Was this good?

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