Random Stuff… with Photos

August 31, 2006

Odds and ends today, because I’m pretty darn tired and currently only capable of thinking in short fragments anyway.

1. Old news, but I did get my diamond replaced through homeowner’s insurance (NO deductible, either… yippee!). The best part is that they gave it a more secure setting to hopefully avoid any recurrence of loss. Also, I am not 100% sure, but I think this diamond might be a bit bigger than the old one was. Not tremendously so, just a little bigger.


2. Sophia decided on her second day of school that she wanted to ride the bus! And she loves it! Yippee!


3. I learned a bunch of interesting stuff about sloths tonight when I read Sophia this book:


For instance, sloths only “go potty” about once a week. (To which Sophia said, “Yuck!”) They can rotate their bodies almost 360 degrees. They sleep 15-19 hours every day, and spend their lives upside down. They are silent. They are fast swimmers. They have algae that grows on their hair.

Hopefully I’ll be more coherent tomorrow. 😉


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