The First First Day of School — Sophia

August 28, 2006

Today Sophia had her very first day of school. She is enrolled in pre-kindergarten at the public school here, which I was very conflicted about because I worried that it might be too soon for her. But since she is used to being home with me 24/7 (or at least with me — I hardly get to stay home these days!), I thought this would be a good transition year before she starts full-day kindergarten next year.

As it turns out, most of my worries were blown out of proportion and/or completely unnecessary (usually the case when I worry). My girl was ready for school, had in fact been begging me since she was 3 to go to school like her older 4 year old friends did. I told her that when she was 4 she would be able to attend school also, and that was the first thing she asked to do on her 4th birthday back in June.

Check out the enthusiasm:


I had hoped to get her on the bus with her neighbor friend down the street but she wanted me to take her to school. We agreed that we would consider the bus as an option later on. Once there, I held her hand and walked her in the school to her classroom, where she gave me three hugs, hung up her backpack, and immediately set about exploring her new environment. I told her that I would pick her up when school was over, and then I left with just one more quick glance over my shoulder to make sure she wasn’t standing there with her bottom lip poked out and quivering. She wasn’t.

So I did what any normal mom would do. I walked out of the building, got in my car, and cried. The three hours that followed were almost surreal. Everywhere I went, I was amazed at how quickly I moved from point A to point B. I was amazed at how quiet it was. I was amazed at how I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d forgotten something essential, like my keys or my purse… only to remind myself that the essential thing I was missing was my daughter, and that I hadn’t accidently forgotten her, but that this was the first of many separations we would grow through over the next 14 years.

I was amazed at just how much I missed her.

I picked her up three hours later. She told me she got to be the line leader (not a big surprise, considering her nickname at home is Bossy Boots); that she had fingerpainted in green, orange and purple; that she’d made a new friend whom she liked to call Kiana, but that isn’t really her name and she didn’t know what her real name is; that she’d played on the playground and drank all of her chocolate milk and juice. She had fun, she liked her teacher.

All is good. But I still am going to miss her every day.




  1. awwwww – so sweet! i am so glad she like it! i have to confess that I did NOT cry when my son went to preschool. I look forward to that two and a half hours like nobody’s business!!! although I LOVE the great hugs I get when i pick him up 🙂

    wonderful pictures!!!

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