Self-Portrait Challenge: Enclosed Spaces #5

August 28, 2006

Enclosed in a corn field.


I love seeing all of the corn fields around here. Starting out as a bare open space, then just the hint of growth as the first stalks spring up. They grow taller and taller all summer long, and then just as summer is starting to fade, they wither and dry out and turn brown. It seems like farmland is gradualy being overtaken by housing, so I fear this may be a distant memory some day.



  1. i love the contrast of your gorgeous red hair with the green staulks.


  2. Knee-high by the Fourth of July is what they say about corn around these parts. ::smile:: I sure hope corn fields do not become but a distant memory.

    Anyway, this is a grand shot. Great job.

  3. LOTS of cornfields here in Indiana. As a matter of fact, we’ve got a few Ethanol plants popping up around here, so I don’t think our cornfields are going anywhere for a while, at least. Great idea on using the corn field for your SPC contribution!

  4. What a beautiful photo!

  5. This is a fun picture! It reminds me of my childhood…where I grew up was pure farmland and is now filled with homes as far as the eye can see… a little sad.

  6. Cornfields freak me out. Maybe it is because of movies like “Signs” or “Children of the Corn”, who knows. I like how it looks like you are leaning on one of them for support. It’s cute.

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