An Exhausting Day… and it’s not even over!

August 24, 2006

exhausted.jpgSort of a “Day in the Life” meme but only up to this point because if I keep logging everything I’m doing I might get depressed.

8:15 — Sophia wakes up and then wakes me up. I am tired and while 8:15 is reasonably late to sleep in, I could have easily slept another 2-3 hours. I edit my aquarium photos so I can get them printed today, read email, and make sure everyone gets breakfast and gets dressed

9:30 — leave for Trevor’s annual eye exam. Well, actually, the preparation to leave starts now. By the time Sophia gets the toys she wants to bring and I go back into the already locked house to retrieve what I forgot, it’s actually more like 9:45

9:45 — Call Dan on the way to the appt because I forgot that we already had plans for tonight when I mentioned that we could do something else tonight. Spend a few minutes telling him how tired I am, and ask that we start making a concerted effort to have enforced bedtimes (for the kids and for us).

10:05 — arrive at eye doctor’s, late despite my good intentions. Turned out to be okay though, because we were there a good 15 minutes before the doctor showed up.

11:00 — leave eye exam and head to Target to make a return, pick up a prescription, and get Trevor’s school supplies. I will need to come back to the eyeglass place to get new lenses for Trevor’s glasses — no time to do that today, so it goes on the ever-growing TO DO list. Speaking of which, I now have to return most of the school supplies I originally purchased for Trevor because the list that was at Wal Mart was not the list for his particular class. (Found this out last night at his school’s open house when we met his teachers.) Apparently the smart kids need different supplies than the general masses. Gotta love shopping for this stuff twice. Not.

11:55 — leave Target, head to Sam’s to get aquarium pictures printed before they magically disappear again. Fortunately, since I’m using the kiosk, it only takes a few minutes.

12:00 — leave Sam’s and head to the town where my dad lives, about 20 miles from here. On the way, I returned a call from a friend who called last night while we were at Trevor’s school open house.

12:15 — stop at thrift store, which is having a bag sale — everything (not just clothes) you can fit in a paper grocery bag for $2. I got a Puzz-3D of Il Duomo in Florence (I know, there are probably pieces missing), a big set of Blo Pens for the kids, 2 tops for me (1 silk), and some videos for eBay.

12:40 — leave thrift store, call dad, go to Arby’s and get lunch for everyone.

12:50 — stop by grocery store, pick up ice cream that my dad asked me to get for him.

1:00 — head to my dad’s house for lunch; discover that I did not get the fries that I ordered and paid for, also discovered that the top part of my sandwich bread was burnt black. Yuck.

2:00 — leave dad’s after tearful breakdown about how stressed out I am and how there is never enough time to do everything;, head back home crying until we turn some music on.

2:30 — stop by Sam’s again, pick up photos and detergent

2:50 — go to Post Office to mail eBay packages.

3:15 — arrive at allergist’s office for weekly injections (3), then wait to see if I stop breathing (it hasn’t happened in the 4-5 years I’ve taken allergy shots, but I still have to wait every time anyway). Sophia has a meltdown as we’re getting ready to leave and I have to carry her out while she’s screaming in my ear. Then I get to listen to her shouting that she doesn’t love me all the way home. The joys of motherhood.

3:45 — get back home at last (after 6 hours of errands!), get everything in from the car, figure out which school supply items from Wal Mart need to be returned and put them in the car so I will have them the next time I go, put away thirft store finds, fold last load of laundry from yesterday that was still in the dryer, go through mail, clean bathtub

4:45 — look at the clock and decide that there’s not any point in doing anything now because it’s close to time to start cooking dinner. Decide to do a quick blog entry about how busy today has been and how miserably wretchedly tired I am.

5:20 — Finishing up, time to think about dinner. For real this time.


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  1. Whew! I hope it got better!

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