Of Fishes and Film

August 23, 2006

Tuesday morning after breakfast (and the incident with the ungrateful beggar), we headed over to the aquarium. We hadn’t been there for almost 4 years, and figured Sophia would enjoy it since she’s so interested in animals.

It was very nice, and not so time consuming that we spent all day there (although we probably could have if we didn’t have the kids with us and actually had time to read all of the helpful information that was posted at the exhbits). The dolphin show was spectacular, and by the end of it, Sophia was saying that she wanted to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up.

I’m not really into aquatic life, though, so the part for me that was the most fun was taking pictures and playing with my digital camera. I had taken the camera manual with me on the trip (and actually read it!), so I had discovered some nifty features that I didn’t even know it had. For instance, the “Flowing Water” setting:


At the end of the dolphin show, Sophia and I were standing right next to the tank and one of the dolphins swam over to where I was standing, hovered right in front of me, and did the closest thing to a dolphin smile that I have ever seen. It was an awesome picture! I also had some great photos of gorgeous colorful tropical fish (think “Finding Nemo”) and about a dozen different frogs, including cute (but very poisonous) blue ones.

Notice I say “was” and “had.” Past tense. After reviewing all of my awesome pictures in the car on the way home, and letting Trevor do the same, and showing a few to my dad when we stopped at his house with dinner, something happened.

When we got home I put the memory card into the computer’s USB reader and started to play a slideshow for everyone to enjoy… you know, so we could see the pictures on something bigger than the 3 inch display. It got through the dozen or so pictures I had taken here at home of the kids playing in the pool and then started showing the Aquarium photos. We saw the frog pics — fabulous! — and the dolphin pics, most of which were fuzzy but still included enough good ones to do a scrapbook page — and then the slideshow locked up and I had to “End Task.”

The next hour or so was spent trying to view/access the other photos from the trip. I sort of knew I was screwed when I put the memory card back in the camera and the camera told me “No Image.” Yet when I pulled it up on the computer, I could see the files, so hope springs eternal.

Dan did tech support while I got ready for bed and he was able to salvage some of the photos — about 25 of the first ones I took (our first 20 minutes or so iniside the aquarium). He’s going to work on it more today and see if he can rescue the other files, but for now the only truly awesome photo I have is this one of a freshwater crocodile peeking up above the water’s edge:


And for those of you who know how long it took me to “go digital,” it should come as no surprise that I spent most of last night muttering under my breath about how I never ever should have strayed away from film. Sigh.

One more pretty good picture — a bearded dragon (with Sophia’s reflection on his tank):



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