Mama in the City

August 23, 2006

City life is not something I’m completely unfamiliar with, having gone to college and then lived & worked in downtown Washington DC. However, absence can make a tough city girl’s heart go soft, and I realized that I’m not as tough as I used to be.

Thanks to my very generous friend, we had luxurious hotel accommodations in the heart of downtown, near all the tourist attractions that we wanted to see on Tuesday. The room, and the dinner that evening at a fun Italian restaurant, were an early 40th birthday present from Suzanne, whom I’ve been blessed to call my friend for nearly 15 years.

Dinner was great, and I got such a kick out of the kids’ menu:


Here’s a pic of Suzanne and me at the restaurant.


After dinner we went for dessert at another restaurant which was wall to wall customers and deservedly so! I have never seen so many tantalizing desserts in one place. And they had gelato… yum!

But anyway, back to me being a wimpy small town girl in the big city. I found that my tolerance levels for city life have dropped considerably. The noise, the crowds, the traffic and, dear Lord, the panhandlers! We could not walk anywhere without someone asking us for money and trying to give us some hard luck story. Usually they approached Dan — I did remember to avert my gaze and walk faster — but as he was carrying Sophia, this made me intensely uncomfortable.

Tuesday morning after breakfast when such a person approached us and said he needed money for food, Dan gave him a pastry that we had purchased but not eaten. He threw it on the ground! Guess he didn’t want that money for food, after all. I was just disgusted, but Dan shrugged it off, and said that Dr. Laura always says you should give people what they need, not necessarily what they want.

More big city adventures in the next post!


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