The Other Cat

August 19, 2006

I don’t talk about him much, but we do have another cat besides Daisy. This is Rat Cat:


He has a bit of a checkered past, having been given to Dan by friends who no longer wanted him. I don’t know if they told Dan why they didn’t want him before he agreed to take him. You see, Rat Cat sprays when he pees. So whatever he happens to be standing in front of gets showered with eau de cat urine. Yuck.

Needless to say, Rat Cat is persona non grata in the house, but he wanders around the property and we feed him daily. Regardless of how well or how often we feed him, however, he is prone to killing and sometimes dining on small animals (birds, squirrels, mice, shrews). I assume that’s how he got his name. (You didn’t think I would pick a name like that, did you?)

Anyway, poor old Rat Cat had quite the adventure yesterday. When I left to take Sophia for a doctor’s appointment, I backed out of the driveway and headed up the street as usual. I noticed a strange metallic sound but dismissed it as being the cans in the back of the vehicle (going to the recycling station has been on the to do list for several days, and I mistakenly thought that having all of the recyclables in my car would help me remember to do it).

I pulled up to the four way stop at the first intersection. There was a car already there, directly opposite me, but they were not moving. I got disgusted and muttered, “Fine, if you won’t go, I will!” I made a left turn and once I was on the street, I hit the gas.

Then I heard a much longer and louder metallic shriek, and in my peripheral vision saw what appeared to be a snowball being hurled near the car. I slammed on the brakes as I realized it was Rat Cat. Apparently he had been on the roof of the car ever since we’d left the house!

The hood of the car is one of his favorite spots to lounge around. Usually he jumps off when I get in and start the engine, but yesterday for some reason he was on the roof (where I didn’t think to look for him) and he didn’t get down. When we realized what had happened, Trevor hopped out and chased Rat Cat down, then we took him home to recover from the shock of it. He wasn’t injured, but he sure was scared.

Of course, now, it’s funny. I can only imagine what the people at the stop sign were thinking as I sped past them with a cat on the roof!


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  1. […] sleep before and I was surprised at how emotionally difficult it was for me, particularly since I never really even liked Rat Cat that much. At one point, I had to sit down because I felt like I might faint. And of course, I […]

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