Office Girl

August 14, 2006

I am sometimes amazed at the things Sophia does for entertainment. One of her current favorite make believe games is “Office Girl” where she sets up a “desk” (scratch paper on a clipboard) and offers to take messages for people.


I usually make up something legitimate and business-like, such as “Please leave a note for Daddy to let him know that we will meet him for lunch at 1:00.” She then writes a random assortment of letters, with one or more names added on for good measure.


Today she has added to her “office girl” routine a signature line. She hands me each note and asks me to sign my name on the line:


Then she hands me the paper and says, “Thank you, come again, have a nice day!”


One comment

  1. […] That’s an almost everyday occurrence here… it seems like she’s always writing something (whether she knows how to spell it or not).  The absolute kicker for me was when she went back to her list of D words and actually bulleted the list! […]

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