Works for Me: Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

August 2, 2006


I have a new found appreciation for magazines. Magazines enlighten and entertain, and they don’t require a large time commitment — in short, they are perfect for frazzled, on-the-go and frequently interrupted moms like me.

If there are magazines that you buy a couple of times per year, you might be surprised to learn that for the same amount you’ve paid for 2-3 issues, you can get an entire year’s subscription. This web site has got some great deals on a wide variety of magazines, such as:

Good Housekeeping, $5 for 12 issues

US News & World Report, $6.50 for 52 issues

Gourmet, $8.24 for 12 issues

Disney Adventures, $7.49 for 30 issues

Family Circle, $5.05 for 15 issues

There are so many good deals — most popular magazines can be purchased for $10 a year or less! Check it out!



  1. Awesome, I’ll have to check it out and see if it works out just as cheap to Canada! I love Mrs. Octopus by the way! 🙂

  2. I get a lot of baby magazines for free, it’s nice to have some light reading around!

  3. Sorry, but it’s just for US delivery right now. Some of the merchants deliver some magazines to Canada and elsewhere, but the selection is smaller and the prices are higher. MagazinePriceSearch.com doesn’t track foreign delivery yet.

  4. That is a great website!

  5. Thanks. I knew about ebay for cheap mags, but this would probably be cheaper–no ebay/paypal overhead!

  6. Wow! Those are great prices.

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