What I Hate Spending Money On

July 26, 2006


One of the blogs I try to read occasionally is City Slicker Mom. I don’t know her, but I stumbled across her blog a while back and I check in every so often to see what she’s written. Her post on what she hates to spend money on got me thinking about the things that I hate spending money on:

1. Parking at events where you have to pay an admission fee. I figure if you have to pay to get in, you shouldn’t have to pay to park too.

2. Soda refills in a restaurant. The $1.79 they charge for the first glass should more than cover 1 or 2 additional glasses.

3. Likewise, being charged for a glass of tap water in a restaurant is just bad form, IMO.

4. “Convenience fees” for buying a concert ticket at the box office instead of by phone.

5. eBay fees. They charge me to list, they charge me to operate a store, they charge me a percentage of every sale, they charge me if the customer pays by PayPal. It’s really no wonder sellers are charging ridiculously high shipping fees — that’s the only place that eBay doesn’t take a piece of the pie.

6. Cable television. I wish that you could pay only for the channels you use. We routinely watch less than ten channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, Disney, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet), but have to pay quite a bit for over 70.

7. Toll roads. First, because our taxes are supposed to pay for their upkeep. Second, because there are stretches of road where it feels like you have to stop every 10 minutes to pay 50 cents.


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