Yard Sale Prep

July 18, 2006

I’m planning to have a yard sale this weekend. I wanted to do it back in May, but we had some unseasonably cool weather and by the time yard sale season started in earnest at the end of May, we were deluged with birthdays (4) and holidays (3). The latter half of our summer is thus far looking a lot less active, so I am hoping that we can get rid of the small mountain of yard sale items I’ve been saving up in the basement:


Believe me, it looks even bigger in person! And that’s not counting the box full of scrapbooking supplies I’ve decided to get rid of, my eBay Store inventory I want to try and sell, the clothes I need to weed out of everyone’s closets, etc. Phew! I might have to have two yard sales.

Anyway, I figured I’d do a little research about yard sales to see if I can maximize the amount of money I make and minimize the amount of stuff I’ll have left over to pack up for the Salvation Army (once it’s out of the house, it’s not coming back in!). Here are some good pointers I found at the Yard Sale Queen’s site that I probably wouldn’t have thought of:

Use non-traditional methods of advertising — talk to your friends and co-workers, post notices on community bulletin boards, etc.

If you hate yard sale “early birds” (I do), consider this trick — put in your ad “Prices double before 7 AM.” Or “Early Birds will be Shot!” Because you just know they’re gonna show up, even if you specify “No early birds.”

Make sure your grass has been cut recently. (And, if you have a dog, poop-scoop the yard, please!)

Place price stickers where they are easily visible, not on the bottom of items. Put big price stickers/signs on big items.

Have some relaxing background music on. (Never ever would have thought of that. Ambience at a yard sale?!?!?)

Have an extension cord handy for testing out electrical items.

Well, that’s a good start for me. Tomorrow I will start hauling my goods upstairs, sorting and pricing them. Whooo, it’s gonna be a long week!



  1. I have a sign for my sales — “Early birds pay double!” It’s worked so far!

  2. […] having a long-overdue yard sale this Saturday, and I found some great tips that I blogged about here. Those are the things that I haven’t done before. But here are some things that I routinely […]

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