Larry Boy and the Bad Apple

July 7, 2006

Well, it’s Family Movie Night again, and this week we had no problem choosing what to watch. I’ve been a local “ambassador” for Big Idea ever since their release of the “Jonah” movie back in 2002. That means, essentially, that every time they are about to release a new production, I get a box full of promotional goodies to distribute and help get the word out. The box also includes (yipee!) an advanced screening copy of the program in question.

So, I was pretty darned excited when the UPS man dropped a Big Idea box on my doorstep two days ago. It was a package of great materials for the upcoming Veggie Tales release, “Larry Boy and the Bad Apple.”


This box had all the usual goodies, plus a few extras, including this way cool Larry Boy headgear:

But back to the movie… this just might be my favorite Larry Boy adventure ever! Residents of Bumblyburg are faced with temptation as The Bad Apple tries to cripple the town. The story is riveting, the message is great, and there’s even a rockin’ new Larry Boy theme song at the end! Whoo hoo!

Larry Boy and the Bad Apple goes on sale July 29… check it out!



  1. First, if I haven’t told you, I’m seriously enjoying your blog! It;s hard to find a good Christian, entertaining blog!

    Anyhow, my wife and I are trying to add Big Idea products to our store’s inventory and haven’t been able to find a distributor for it yet. Whom are you going through for your “ambassadorship”?

    You can e-mail me the info if you’d like.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I…..AM….THAT…..HERO!!!!!!!

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