13 Reasons I’m Glad Dan Was Born 40 Years Ago Today

July 6, 2006


  1. He can make me smile when I’m in a horrible, rotten mood.
  2. He’s a great father.
  3. He isn’t freaking out about being 40. (yet!)
  4. He loves God.
  5. He is silly and playful, like an otter.
  6. He is willing to do just about anything if it’s a social opportunity.
  7. He loves all of the 1980s music that I love.
  8. He puts up with Miss Daisy.
  9. He is loyal and devoted; he has sworn fealty to God, country, and his family.
  10. He is always available for tech support.
  11. His eyes… the color, the shape, the way they crinkle at the corners when he smiles.
  12. His awful punny jokes.
  13. The fact that I could come up with many more reasons without even trying very hard!

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