If You Love Animals…

June 30, 2006

…grab a box of Kleenex and rent the Disney movie “Eight Below.”


I knew it would make me cry, and resisted seeing it for precisely that reason. However, Karen recommended it, and then Dan and both kids requested it, so I got it from Netflix for this evening’s Family Movie Night (our Friday tradition).

I braced myself with the advance knowledge that two of the dogs would die (Karen told me at my request; she knows I don’t like being caught off guard by such tragedies). I even strategically left the room when the mournful violin music started playing.

I still cried like a baby. And not just once. Oh, no… several times. I was trying to be all cool about it and not let my kids see me blubbering like a sissy, but by the end of the movie I was practically sobbing.

And even though it embarrassed me in front of my kids, I still give it 4 stars out of 5. So check it out!


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  1. I sobbed at the end too! And I had to walk out of the movie theatre looking like a sniffly mess!

    I’m glad you liked it though!

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