Stuff I’m Pondering

June 29, 2006

Stuff I’ll be thinking about while I’m doing housework this afternoon:

Britney Spears, whom I’ve read about many places since her Dateline interview, but most recently in a piece by Dooce on Alpha Mom. I’m not exactly sure if I feel sorry for her or not. Probably so.

I do whole-heartedly agree with Dooce’s comment, “When Britney gave birth she increased her circle of critics ten-fold, because now it’s not just the readers of tabloid magazines who are going to judge her. Now she has to answer to the harshest and meanest critics in the world: other mothers.”

Sad but true, and I expect I will be pondering that a bit, both from the criticism I have received (I committed the unforgivable sin of choosing to not breast-feed my daughter!) and the critical eye with which I have viewed other mothers. Just last night my feathers were ruffled because someone had taken their toddler in to see “Click” with them — and the ‘S’ word was being used quite a bit. Some of the imagery was quite intense too, and more than once I heard the little child whining. It just wasn’t appropriate. But I’m sure there are women who think my letting Sophia have a lollipop at the bank at 10:30 AM is inappropriate too.

“Purpose Driven churches” whose main focus seems to be on providing outreach activities, as written about by Jules at Everyday Mommy and by Mark at Mark My Words. This is an issue I’m very undecided about, since I may not have gotten saved if I hadn’t gone to a seeker friendly church. On the other hand, that church became unsatisfying for me as I grew and matured in the faith, leading me to seek out a church with a more Biblical focus. People in this discussion have been making excellent points right and left, so I’ve got a lot to think about! For instance:

Mark writes, “Jesus commanded us to go out into the world, not bring the world to us.”

Jules writes, “Is the Scripture so irrelevant that it needs all the help we can give it, with PowerPoint presentations, movie clips, skits and songs? Or, is all we need a man who’ll stand up and say, ‘Lets turn in our Bibles to…’?”

Very powerful stuff to be thinking about! And then there are the comments, which are just as thought-provoking!

One person wrote, “Some people are so busy ‘doing church’ that they don’t have time for God.”

Another writes, “I’ll never forget one pastor I heard on Trinity Broadcast Network years ago. He said, ‘We need to get out of the book of Numbers and get into the Book of Acts.’ What he was saying was we’ve so become focused on getting the numbers in our churches that we’ll do any program, any work, any activity just to draw people in.”

And, just to mix it up a little, someone else wrote “As far as I know, there is no mandate in scripture directing us not to use examples from movies, books, etc; nor one directing that our prayers must be long (this was mentioned in a previous post). You may be feeling a hunger for something different, but that doesn’t make what they are doing necessarily wrong. Granted I haven’t visited these churches; but the specific examples you gave–while my heart longings align more closely with yours, I hesitate to say that the other practices are unbiblical.”

Now that I’ve made sure my hands and brain will both be busy this afternoon, I’m off to clean!



  1. Very interesting. I hadn’t read Jules’ blog (today) so thanks for pointing me there. I really hate that whole “make it relevant” thing. I want to scream, the Bible IS relevant.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I agree about Jennifer’s “make it relevant” comment. When I was reach out to and becoming a christian the focus was always “let’s see what it says in the Bible” FIRST and then if it was hard to digest you can use references/analogies to help make the point more clear. Our job is to help plant the seeds (by our actions and reaching out) and God will nurture these seeds to help them grow and prosper spiritually. Isn’t that a relief…we (individually or as a church) aren’t doing this all by our own efforts but that our efforts are supported and guided by a much more powerful Spirit?

  3. Hey! My first unsolicited referral! Thanks! 🙂

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