Works for Me Wednesday: I’m the Referee

June 28, 2006

My brother and I fought a lot when we were kids, and my mom frequently commented that the reason we fought was that we were only three years apart. So naturally I thought that I would just have it made in the shade with kids who were eight years apart. Surely a child who was in their terrible two’s wouldn’t be able to harass a ten year old! Surely a 12 year old wouldn’t care about pushing the buttons of a four year old!

Oh, how wrong I was!

Now that summer vacation is here, I find that I am often forced into the position of being a referee for my two children. Accusations escalate into a shouting match, and I often find that I am shouting for them to be quiet just so I (the mediator aka The Voice of Reason) can be heard.

Well, I hate shouting. I really do. So when I saw a two-pack of these babies at Target’s One Spot a while back, I couldn’t resist:


I carry it with me at all times (even when we’re going out in public) and will blow it the minute they start raising their voices at each other. The louder they are, the harder I blow. I’m sure it’s not the Perfect Parent approach, but it saves me as far as wear and tear on my vocal chords, not to mention spikes in my blood pressure. Sometimes all I have to do is show them the whistle and they will settle down. It works for me!


  1. This brought back memories of running afterschool programs back in college. Nothing like a whistle to get the attention of 25 kids running around in a loud gym! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mine are 5 1/2 years apart, and now that ds is 2, yes, they fight a bit. Too funny!!

  3. Ha ha ha, too funny.

  4. Good idea… my problemwould be keeping up the whistle.

  5. Brilliant! I’m so tired of my kids fighting….

  6. Oh I can relate. With five kids in the house, I always have someone that is trying to push buttons or something. I think this is a great idea and will save my voice! Thanks!

  7. Funny! I think I need one of those…

  8. That’s something I’ve always threatened to get.

    When I worked at a Girl Scout camp all the staff members had & wore them–not for “referee” purposes but for “distress signal” purposes. Worked great.

  9. I’m sure as a teenager that would be ultimate public embarrassment to be avoided at all costs….what a good incentive for well behaved young adults. 🙂

  10. I’ve pondered this idea. I find that with my 6 & 3 yr old I end up yelling just so I can be heard enough for them to stop yelling. And I hate yelling at them. I may just try this.

  11. Great tool! I guess I really could use one of those. I also feel like a full-time referee around here.

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