Still Hot & Hormonal, But Hopeful

June 22, 2006

Let’s see, it was Monday when I posted about my (unconfirmed) affliction with perimenopause. (And my doctor’s office wanting to put me off until December for an appointment. Hmph!)

Tuesday I took a much-needed mental health day — scrapbooking in the afternoon and having a Mom’s Night Out dinner & movie that evening. But before I got all self-indulgent, I called my mother’s doctor (who couldn’t see me until November — and wouldn’t see me at all if my mother wasn’t a current patient) and another doctor that was recommended by some women at church (who couldn’t see me until January). Apparently my town is growing faster than e can get doctors to keep up. So I called my doctor’s office again. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I called yesterday and was told that Dr. Gynecologist couldn’t see me until December.

Her: Yes.

Me: Well I would like to know why, for someone who has been seeing Dr. Gynecologist for 11 years, I can’t get an appointment any sooner than that. (I can feel the tears starting, but I’m trying to be cool and calm.)

Her: Oh, the December wait is just for annual exams. Are you having a problem?

Me: (voice rising) Yes, I’m having a problem! That’s why I need the appointment!

Her: Well, what’s the problem?

Me: (giving up all pretenses of being a sane, rational person and crying rather loudly) I’m just a hormonal, miserable mess right now!

Her: Are you pregnant?

Me: No, I’m not pregnant! (with a silent, “and thank goodness!”). I think I’m starting perimenopause. I’m hot, emotional, just a wreck.

From there the receptionist offered me an appointment for Wednesday and I calmed down immediately. So yesterday I went and once again detailed all of my symptoms (naturally, nearly crying about it as I did). Diagnosis confirmed. She asked me what my family history was and I told her I didn’t know/couldn’t find out because my family history on matters gynecological is one of hysterectomies. She mentioned antidepressants, which I wasn’t too keen on because (a) they sort of scare me and (b) they wouldn’t help with the hot flashes. So hormones seems to be the way to go, and rather than start me on hormone replacement therapy (which is said to be linked to breast cancer, although mainly in women over 50), she has given me a three month’s supply of a low dosage birth control pill. I took the first oe today and DARNIT it isn’t working yet! I need immediate gratification, people!!

In any case, I am hopeful that by this time next week I will be feeling better. If not, I might have to call them up and have another meltdown. 🙂


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  1. ‘I bet ! ! 🙂

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