Better Late Than Never

June 9, 2006


Carol over at She Lives has hosted 7 Days of Blog, challenging bloggers to blog about blogging. (Say that three times fast!). With all of the crazy birthday party preparations and other stuff happening here, I haven’t done it. I haven’t been inspired to blog about much of anything this week. However, today Carol posted some questions and I can answer questions — takes some of the pressure off for coming up with what to write. So, here we go…

How do find the blogs you read regularly? Through other bloggers’ recommendations? Their sidebar links? Search engines? Through comments left on your blog? Something else?

I think that for the most part, I find blogs that I read by referrals from other blogs that I read. I found Carol’s blog, for instance, by visiting Rocks in My Dryer. It’s like getting a recommendation for a great restuarant from a friend. I really need to put a blogroll listing my favorite blogs on my site, but I haven’t found a template that I really love where it wouldn’t look cluttered.

When you leave a comment, do you frequently return to that post to check for the author’s response?

No. I guess I figure that if someone wants to respond they will email me.

What types of situations might cause you to stop reading a blog that you once enjoyed?

If I vist 3 or 4 times and haven’t found it interesting/relevant, I will remove it from my bookmarks. Or if something is posted that I find objectionable/offensive, I won’t go back.

How much personal privacy do you try to maintain when posting on your own blog? Everything that might identify you to a friend or neighbor? Only demographic data? Only children’s information? Something else?

I don’t really try to maintain a whole lot of privacy. The only thing I consciously avoid mentioning is where in the US I am located.

What are your thoughts about encouraging offline friends to read your blog?

I share my blog URL with friends and family because lately I’ve gotten really horrible at keeping people up to date with what’s going on here. And while the blog is not a suitable substitute for real time interaction, it’s the next best thing.

What criteria do you look for in the blogs you enjoy reading? Or perhaps I should ask, what factors do your favorite blogs all have in common?

They are well written, fun to read, and for the most part positive. I don’t like reading blogs that are a constant stream of fussing and whining and ranting. (And there are plenty of blogs defined by such writing.) I prefer reading blogs written by other Christian women because (a) it won’t be offensive, (b) it may help me grow in my relationship with God, and (c) I feel good when I read them.

Are there any blogs you read on a regular basis in which the author frequently expresses beliefs or opinions that completely contradict your own?

Yes. This is often the case with Dooce, but she does write very well AND takes great photos, so I continue reading.

If you disagree with a blogger do you usually voice your perspective so they can see things from a different angle, or just ignore theirs and click away? Does the size of the person’s readership influence this for you?

No, I usually don’t comment if I disagree. A woman I knew blogged some pretty mean-spirited things about Christians (and God, and religion in general). Since I knew her, I wrote a very heartfelt, lengthy comment in response about my experiences and feelings, which before I accepted Christ were very similar. I also apologized if anything that I had done or said contributed to her anti-Christian attitude. She didn’t respond, and I guess that kind of left me feeling like there was no point in commenting when you disagree with someone. And no, readership size doesn’t affect my decision.

Do you read and/or post on Saturdays and Sundays? Or are you predominantly a M-F blogger?

I try to post something every day. I’m cutting down on the amount of time I spend reading blogs, however, so I don’t really check them on the weekends. (And it seems like most people don’t post on the weekends anyway.) I’ve been thinking about organizing my bookmarked blogs into categories and reading just one category per day because I think it might save a little time as opposed to surfing through all of the bookmarked blogs each day.



  1. I loved these questions when I read them today at Carol’s. I might post my answers later tonight if I can get to it. It is so great to read other Blogger’s philiosophies.

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the 7 Days today! Your answers were very helpful to me. It’s interesting to see the different perspectives of individual bloggers. I am just loving it!

    About linking in your sidebar. If you notice at She Lives (with the most cluttered sidebars on the planet), there are some colored boxes with + signs on the right? You can click the + sign and the links appear that way. So you could have all your categories of blogs you like, but only the little colored box to show. And you can make it any color you want to completely camoflauge into your design.

    Oh, and I do have big plans for getting that sidebar cleaned up, yes indeed I do.

    If you want the links on how to do this, email me.

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