Works for Me Wednesday: Schedules

June 7, 2006


I have to say that lately, I don’t feel like there’s a whole lot that’s working for me. The first three weeks of June have me running around like mad, trying to get ready for both of my kids’ birthdays, the end of the school year, and Father’s Day. Some days I feel like home is just a pit stop.

One thing that I like to do that keeps me organized (but not any saner) is to sit down on Sunday evening and write out what my week is going to be like. I found a magnetic notepad that features a different section for each day of the week. I just write in all of our appointments and I have my own “week at a glance” calendar:


Of course, the drawback is that I can look at this when I’m feeling stressed out and end up feeling more overwhelmed because of all the stuff that’s going on, but for the most part it’s a useful, helpful thing to have.



  1. It is hard coming up witth things that work for me too. sometimes it seems like not much works for me – let alone something creative and unique!

    that is a great calendar though and such a good idea to sit down in teh beginning of the week and paln things out.

  2. Ever since creating my hit list I have been more organized too!

  3. I bet that you have more little tips than you think. Sometimes it is just that you have used it for so long that you forget that not everyone does it!

    The weekly appt list is a good idea. We keep things on the calendar, but sometimes I forget to look. . .

  4. I like that it’s posted on the ‘fridge. Now that mine are older and totaly ‘fridge raiders, maybe they’d pay better attention to the calendar-thing if they had to get past it on their way to the food. hah!

  5. OK, I see “Michaels interview” on that list! How did it go?

  6. Great idea- I have a magnetic one, but it just stores my menu plans for the week. I will have to look for one like that too!

  7. I loved my weekly daybook too, until I LOST it! Now THAT is organization! I need a magnetic one, like yours.

  8. On the other hand, you could look at this and think what a full life you have! And I love that colorful list. I tend to make lists, and totally ignore them. But this pretty one would certainly catch my eye!

  9. I love your My Week notepad! It’s very colorful, I would be looking at it all the time…which would help me focus on what needs to be done, right 🙂

  10. I think the sitting down on Sunday evening part is the smartest thing ever. Like getting prepared for work. Great tip!

  11. I totally agree with the Sunday night thing. I don’t always do it, but my week goes much more smoothly when I do. I do my meal planning and shopping list at this time also.

  12. Looks like you and I had along the same idea. Your is so much simpler than mine. Oh how I long for simple!

  13. I do the prepare for the week plan on Sunday evening, too. It does make my week go smoother. I do it in my palm, but I love that yours is where your kids can see it and know what to expect.

  14. That’s a great idea, I need to get one of these for myself 🙂

    My WFMW is also up 🙂

  15. Hey! I really like the simplicity of this idea! Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking I have to have a color coded, alphabetized, 300 page planner to make it work. SO , thanks!!

  16. I am a Sunday week planner too!

  17. I use my computer for daily reminders, but I like this week at a glance for those special appointments.

  18. This is a perfect idea. Wish I knew where you found that pad!

  19. I loved the idea and even more I loved the notepad! Couldn’t find yours but here are some other snazzy ones.


  20. for some reason when I posted the notepad link it changed the –C37.aspx to -C37.aspx

    I don’t know how to remove the post (don’t think I can) so here it is again.

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