Julie and the Bean Stalks

June 6, 2006

I love lima beans. I am the only person in my house who does, however. So when Sophia and I were picking out seeds to plant this spring, we each chose one flower and one food. My food was lima beans.

I procrastinated on planting them because quite honestly, there isn’t any area of our yard that gets enough sun to grow anything other than hostas or impatiens. And, despite the “Guaranteed to Grow” slogan on the front of the packet, I figured that they were probably duds anyway, not having had much luck with seeds in the past.

So I figured I would minimize my efforts and try starting them inside before searching for a patch of sunshine outside. I soaked a paper towel, folded it, and put it inside a ziploc bag, then placed five lima beans in between the layers of towel. Zipped the bag closed and left it on the kitchen counter for a few days.

Four of the beans sprouted roots and started growing stems. So on Saturday (June 3) I decided to plant them outside. I was still lacking a sunny spot for them, and didn’t want to see them die off at this point, having already gotten them started. So I found a very large planter left behind by the previous owners, planted the seeds below the dirt, and watered them. Then I put the planter on our pool deck, the one area of our yard that doesn’t have a bunch of blasted trees hanging over it.

One day later, one of them was a full inch above the top of the soil, and another was starting to peek through:


That was Sunday. Today I checked them again, and they’ve grown another inch or two — the first two to pop up have relatively large leaves, a third has popped up, and the fourth is peeking through the soil. I’m so excited! However, I’m also a little concerned… just how big are these things going to get?


One comment

  1. I am so not a gardener! My son got two beans in a wet towel and bag like yours. While I watied for the second one to sprout and for me to stop procrastinating, the sprouted on went rotten adn I had to throw them in the garbage. Oops!

    good luck on yours – they look great 🙂

    join us next week and tackle something if you want – it feels so great to take the pictures and see the difference! 🙂

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