Happy Birthday Sophia!

June 2, 2006


My baby turned four years old today. As is the case whenever my children reach a milestone (birthday, graduation, etc), I find myself a bit melancholy, thinking back on the time that has passed and wishing I could keep them this age forever.

My girl is so sweet. I call her My Angel, because she is an almost perfect child. (And yes, I know that will not last, but I am savoring it while I can!) She is fairly tidy, eager to help, compassionate toward others, generous, loving, imaginative, and all in all adorable. We have our moments, of course, when we butt heads and she crosses the line from adorably independent to unreasonably impertinent, but I love to spend time with her and I feel absolutely privileged to be a stay-at-home-mom for her.

To be honest, I was scared to death of having a girl. Girls just seemed so much more complicated than boys, from diaper changes to puberty and into adulthood. But ask me now if I could imagine not having a daughter and I would tell you emphatically no. She is a companion to me in all that I do, from baking cookies to grocery shopping to planting flowers in the garden.

I love her so much it feels like my heart will burst.


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