Going Digital

June 2, 2006

Well, my new digital camera finally came today! (After Sophia’s birthday party, darnit, but it’s probably just as well because I think I have a bit of a learning curve to deal with here. And I need a memory stick.) Here are some of my first photos, taken of a bouquet of birthday flowers Sophia got today:




And one of our Don Quixote lamp:




  1. Those are beautiful pics Julie!!! Horray to you for taking the digital leap! I have to say that I was the same as you about my “traditional” camera. Glenn tried to talk me into digital for the longest time, and I refused. But now I can’t imagine being without my wonderful little camera. May you grow to love yours too! (My favorite is the photo of the leaves…a hint of flower behind, the veins in the tiny leaves…it arouses curiousity. It makes me want to see “beyond the veil”, so to speak. It’s art. I love it.)

  2. […] of the reasons I took so long to go digital was that I wanted the same quality print that I get from having my film developed on one of those […]

  3. Hi! I am ALWAYS searching for this lamp. My mom had two when I was growing up but over the years they shattered 😦 I always loved them and like I said, I google all the time, trying to find one for sale. I don’t know if you have ever considered selling yours, but if you ever do, please know that I would give it a very good home.
    My name is Jen and my email is riverswebb7@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

  4. Hi again… sorry to bug you once more 🙂 But I was wondering, if you aren’t interested in selling your lamp… would you mind helping me out by telling me about the artist signature on it? I bet that would help me in my search. I’d really really appreciate the help!
    Thanks again! -Jen at riverswebb7@yahoo.com

  5. Hello – I bought the DQ lamp you have (I think they’re the same, anyway), but it does not have a shade. Do you have the original shade & could you email me a photo of it? Also, do you know much about these lamps? I love it!

    Thank you – Chris

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