Eight Things I Love/Remember from the Eighties

May 31, 2006

When you aren’t feeling very creative or blog-worthy, make a list…

  1. Units clothing. They were solid color mix and match pieces that could be worn several different ways and in multiple layers. Their signature piece was a tube of fabric that could be worn as a sleeveless top or a belt. I could be wrong about the name, but I think that it’s right.
  2. Madonna: the early days. Remember how she shocked everyone by (gasp!) wearing a lacy, bright colored bra in public?!?!? I love the early Madonna — before she got political, Kabbalah-ized, and put on a fake British accent. I love “Material Girl,” “Lucky Star,” “Holiday,” and even “Like a Virgin.” Yep, I was a wannabe, and I had the O-ring bracelets to prove it (see photo at right).
  3. My Music. Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Culture Club, ABC, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Erasure, Yaz, The Smiths, OMD, The Cure, Sinead O’Connor, Howard Jones, Paul Young, Dead or Alive, Book of Love… I could go on and on.
  4. Michael Jackson Before He Got Weird. Thriller — the album, the song, the music video. The epitome of cool!
  5. V neck “shaker” sweaters from The Limited and tank tops. Again, I’m not 100% sure about the name, but I think they were called shaker sweaters. They were 100% cotton and had this really long deep V-neckline, so you had to wear a tank top underneath it. Cute, cute cute, and it hid a lot of figure flaws!
  6. Big hair. I used a product called Hair Epoxy… its slogan was that it was “wind tunnel tested. ” It was awesome! I would put that in my hair after a shampoo and then bend over to dry my hair — poof! Big hair that defied gravity. Why was big hair so cool? Ask my sister-in-law and she will tell you — big hair makes your butt look smaller. Enough said.
  7. Dynasty. Joan Collins and Linda Evans. Catfights in the swimming pool. Alexis slapping Cecil Colby when he had a heart attack during sex and shouting at him, “You can’t die on me now!” That was good, over the top drama.
  8. Records. Specifically 45s, because you could buy just the one song that you wanted and if you were lucky, the B side would be pretty good too. You didn’t have to buy the whole album just to hear one silly ear worm of a song. (“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!“)


  1. Hi, I am visiting for the first time and I like your blog! I am an 80s fan too! We listen to an 80s radio station alot and my kids laugh at all the Micheal Jackson music that comes on but you know, it is good! He had a way with a beat! Also Madonna, she was so cool and I loved her songs. You music list is great–The Cure and Psycedelic Furs are among my faves! Echo and the Bunnymen and The clash too!

  2. I was trying to explain UNITS to friends of my who either forgot or didn’t want to admit to knowing. All the pretty girls who hung out at the mall would buy their clothes from UNITS. I thought the idea of modular clothing was very functional–and cool (though I never had to wear them).

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