Desperately Trying to Keep My Cool

May 27, 2006


We’ve had an unseasonably cool spring this year, and I have loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, it came to a rather abrupt end yesterday, when the high temperature climbed close to 90. And, as if that weren’t enough, we have 90% humidity too. Yippee.

I do believe that the phrase “keeping one’s cool” is weather related. I have been so grumpy and negative since I left my physical comfort zone yesterday. I just feel… well, mean. My patience is shorter, my tongue is sharper, and I’m feeling resentful of nearly everyone. I don’t want to turn on the air conditioning because of the cost, but I might have to just so I can improve my mental state.



  1. I’m SO with you. Currently sitting at 92 degrees at almost 6 pm. We’ve had the air on for over a month though, since we didn’t have such a cool spring. :o(

  2. it is always pretty mild here o nt he pacific coast. I am up a few hours past Seattle. I need to live in mild places though – I can’t not stand heat – i do not fair well in it!

    you asked about where to get the melaleuca oi (tea tree oil) i wrote about on my site.

    I get mine from Melaleuca – a catalogue/online store that sells all kinds of household and nutritional products. i love it there. it is members only though – and so if you want to try shopping there let me know and I will help you sign up if you want.

    you can go alsoto check out their site melaleuca.com

    otherwise, I think there are probably other places to get it, like health food stores etc.

    hope that helps…it is great stuff. i use it for many, many things!

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