A Pickin’ We Will Go

May 24, 2006


I took Sophia to the local U-Pick strawberry place this afternoon. The weather was just perfect — 75, low humidity and a good breeze. We had some friends join us, and some other friends met us there. We talked and picked and nibbled and laughed… what a fun afternoon! And the best part is our souvenir — these yummy red strawberries, small but so sweet! We picked 9 quarts — 5 to give away and 4 for us. Strawberry shortcake, anyone?

The first time I went picking strawberries was with my grandmother, and every time I go, I always think of her. She was of Pennsylvania Dutch heritage (and it showed in her cooking!), very no-nonsense, and best of all, she always had time for her grandkids. She grew up on a farm and as a result, she did a lot of things the old fashioned way, even when it wasn’t necessary. I remember doing things like shelling peas, shucking corn, and of course picking strawberries with her.

She died before Trevor was born, and it makes me sad that she never got to meet or get to know her great-grandchildren. But even though she’s been gone so long, I still remember her in the little things, like picking strawberries with my girl.


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