Why Mother and Father Need to be Big Brother

May 23, 2006

Big Brother Eye.jpg


(As in Big Brother is watching…)

Up until just recently, I naively thought that if a movie was rated PG, or a book was classified as children’s fiction, it was therefore innocuous and suitable to be viewed/read by children. Hah! Wow, have I had an education in the last week or so!

It started one morning when I was getting dressed and watching the Today show, as is my morning custom. I don’t know why I keep doing this, however, as it seems there is inevitably something on there that upsets or concerns me. On this particular morning, they did one of their usual pre-commercial “teases” about a series of girls books and why you might not want your daughter reading them. No details, but in a subsequent teaser they named the series as Gossip Girls. I didn’t get to see the actual story because I had an appointment that morning.

So, on my next trip to Barnes & Noble, I looked for them and found them. Grabbed one at random (this one) and I read the blurb on the back cover. It sounded like it was written about Paris Hilton type teenagers. Not a good sign, but I kept an open mind as I flipped to a page somewhere in the middle of the book. On that single page the F word was used twice and another epithet was used once. I flipped to another page, the F word again jumped off the page and to make matters worse, there is discussion of pornography addiction. Shocked, I looked back at the cover… and there, in bright letters like a 4 star movie review, is the quote: “Sex and the City for the younger set!” (This comment was originally published in Teen People, a magazine which I can only assume is read by teenagers.)

Excuse me, but why on earth does the younger set need a Sex and the City? And more importantly, when did children’s fiction become smutty?

(Some of my Christian brothers and sisters have a problem with the Harry Potter books?!?!? This is a hundred times worse than even the most questionable aspect of J K Rowling’s works, IMHO.)

Obviously, I am going to have to do some censoring pre-screening of the material that my children consume. Because if it does take a village to raise a child… well, I’ve learned that the village is full of perverts, thieves, and charlatans, and none of them hold the values that I want my children to embrace.



  1. Excellent and timely post. Do not back down. You are the guardian of the souls of your children. I wish you every blessing and the wisdom you need for this, the most important job of your life.


  2. Absolutely! I screen everything that my son reads. This series was one of the ones I had in mind when we were discussing the “teen fiction” genre and how inappropriate some of it is!

  3. Found you! And Amen, sister. I still hit mute when the word “da**” pops up in “Shrek.” Just can’t help myself…

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