Weekend Recap

May 21, 2006

Yesterday was a very busy, very long day for me. I got up at 5:45 and picked up my friend Lynn to go to yard sales. Mainly we just went to a golf course community of half-million dollar homes — they were having their community-wide yard sale, so we were able to hit a lot of sales in a small area. Plus most of the things offered were high quality. I didn’t buy much for eBay, but did get Sophia a Little Mermaid bike, a new booster seat for the truck, and lots of Gymboree clothing. Afterwards, when I took Lynn home, she cut me several of her gorgeous roses — they are simply stunning and I am once again amazed by Lynn’s green thumb:


(And they smell good too!)

After that, I came home and showed off my finds to Dan and the kids, then we had lunch and worked in the yard. Then Dan left for a Patriot Guard mission and while Sophia napped I scrapbooked some more (a two page layout on the Disney On Ice show that Sophia and I saw in March). After she got up, I took her and Trevor to see Over the Hedge. (It was very good, by the way!)

Today’s been a bit more relaxing as we went about our usual Sunday activities — breakfast with my dad, followed by church. After church, Dan left for phase 2 of the Patriot Guard mission (yesterday was the viewing, today was the funeral) and I came home to clip coupons, make up the week’s grocery lists, wrap eBay packages and take photos for eBay.

I’ve just finished all that and am trying to figure out what to do with the remainder of the day. Ever After is on, and while it isn’t my favorite period movie (and I think Drew Barrymore is completely wrong for the lead role!), it does have pretty costumes, scenery, and language… which means I probably won’t do much until it’s over. You know how I love period movies. 🙂


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