Never Say It Will Get Better…

May 15, 2006

… it’s a surefire way to jinx yourself.

Last night I went to bed weary but content in the knowledge that today would at least be a better day. How could it be worse? I thought.

Foolish me. This morning while we were getting dressed, Sophia fell off my bed and hit her head on the dresser. She had a pretty deep puncture-like wound on her forehead near her temple. I could hear was my late grandmother saying, “Watch out for the sharp corners. You could hit your head and get a concussion and die!” But I didn’t want to be an alarmist, so I called the doctor’s office. They told us to go to the ER and, well, you know how that usually goes. Fortunately, what could have been an all day ordeal was more like 1.5 hours, but it was still enough to mess up my plans for the day. They didn’t give her stitches, just Dermabond (thank goodness).

I’m super stressed because I have a very full plate this week — two doctor appts tomorrow (one is for Trevor at 3 PM) and Dan has some sort of training that isn’t over until 3 PM, so he can’t help out. I also have two doctor appts on Wednesday, three grocery shopping trips to do this week, and about 1.5 weeks’ worth of catch up reading for a Bible study meeting on Thursday evening. I’m feeling rather swamped and frankly, am on the verge of a panic attack whenever I think about how much I have to do this week.

So I was completely blindsided by the rather heated argument that Dan and I had just a little while ago. I just don’t know how I could feel more miserable than I do now.



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