My New Bible

May 14, 2006

At my request, I’m getting a new Bible for Mother’s Day: The Prayer Bible, NLT translation.


I’m also getting a snazzy new Bible cover and a hot pink Bible highlighter.

bible cover.jpg
(The bible cover looks cooler, much less disco-y in person than it does in this photo. Trust me.)
My old Bible, purchased very shortly after I got saved in February 2000, was New King James version which was difficult to read, although it did have nice “life application” highlights and essays. What I’ve recently come to realize, though, is that I spent more time reading those extras than I did reading God’s Word. So the time has definitely come for me to get a Bible that I will read more often and enjoy reading.

I did a little research on the different translations (my goodness, there are so many!) and decided that NLT was the one for me. It’s easy to understand and reads well, so you can concentrate on the message instead of trying to figure out what something means because the words are archaic or arranged oddly. One of the things I really like about this particular Bible is that (a) the pages aren’t tissue-paper thin, and (b) there isn’t an abundance of sidebar info — just short prayers that guide you in praying for particular verses.

I feel so happy about my new Bible that I won’t talk about how I reminded Dan at 6:30 this evening to buy it for me. At least this way I got to go along and pick the one I wanted. 🙂


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